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Unit Hellas founded in 1994, is a Greek independent company in the field of international freight forwarding and logistics that succeeded in gaining the trust of big national and multinational clients, creating constant and long-lasting business relationships. With its highly qualified staff, experienced management and selected business partners in Europe and CIS has managed to be included within the leading companies of the F/F sector in Greece.

Today Unit Hellas, having established its dominant position in the Balkans and Eastern Europe is expanding dynamically towards Central and Western Europe, aiming to offer integrated services and solutions to its clients by covering all geographies globally.

The network of Unit Hellas for International Road Freight Forwarding includes the following countries: Greece, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia, FYROM, Moldavia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Great Britain, providing daily departures for Full and Groupage freight, customs clearance and issue of all necessary customs paperwork.

Unit Hellas also offers a complete range of sea and air transport solutions to and from ports and airports around theworld, offering the best possible solutions for your transport needs.

137 Syngrou Ave. N. Smyrni 171 21, Athens - Greece +30 210 9317941-2 +30 210 9317940

Βody representing international forwarding and logistics services enterprises.

Ordinary member of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Ordinary Member of FIATA

Ordinary Member of Permanent Logistics Committee




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